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Maytag Dishwash MDB3000  
Keywords:  Upper Dishrack dish track , dish tray, Guide Rail End Cap / Stop
Dishwasher End Cap Removal and Installation

This information is being posted for the benefit of my handymen as well as others perplexed by how to remove this piece without it being permanently damaged.  Note that when replacing the lower rack, the extra holes in the twist on spray tower should point toward the front of the machine so as to provide extra cleaning for the utensiles tray.

The part that is inserted into the rail has a "C" shape that locks around the shaft of the fold over end cap. When the end cap is opened, the tab that normally extends through the rail is withdrawn allowing the end cap to be removed from the rail.

Dishwasher_Rack_End_release.jpg Dishwash_Rack_end.jpg